Very Important Task!

This term, we have been set a very important task by Michael Rosen. Children have been asked to use iPads to create a short movie using the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. They first learnt how to use an iPad, turning it on and off and then opening up the camera application. We then learnt how to take photographs and videos, remembering to hold the iPad really still! I was really impressed with the videos children created and show cased their excellent technology skills. We can’t wait to hear back from Michael Rosen.


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Rainbow Factory Visit

In relation to our work on traditional tales in literacy, last week Upper Foundation visited The Rainbow Factory. The children took part in the show, where the evil wizard had turned all the stories bad! They had to work together to help the storyteller fix the stories and save Story Bird. From this, children took part in several exciting activities linked to the tales we had been learning about. The children and teachers had a fantastic day and I was very impressed with the children’s impeccable behaviour throughout.


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Everyday Technology

This week, we have been exploring and learning about everyday technology. We have discussing what technology we use at home and its purpose. Children were surprised at how much technology we use everyday and we were very impressed with the children’s knowledge!

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Outdoor Area

In the outdoor areas, children were creating stories based on their own interests and fascinations. I was impressed by these and they included lots of story language! Some children then chose to work as a team to act out their stories using our new stage and resources.

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Expressive Arts and Design

This term in Expressive Arts and Design, we have been learning how to safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques experimenting with design, colour and texture when creating our superheroes! I have been impressed with their attention to detail when carrying out their final product.

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Addition Skills

Recently, children have been getting better at addition using objects and pictures in Upper Foundation. Children have really impressed me around the areas where they have chosen to apply their skills in different ways.

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Maths in our Outdoor Area

This half-term, we have revealed our new marvellous maths shed! The children have been enthusiastic about the new resources and have used them effectively to support their learning within maths in the outdoor provision!

The children have been exploring how to measure, match quantities and order numbers in new and exciting ways.

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Maths Focus Group

Children have been working hard in our maths focus groups this week. We have been using objects to solve addition and subtraction questions!

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Tropical World

Last week, Upper Foundation children went on their first school trip to Tropical World in relation to our Commotion in the Ocean topic. We saw many different types of fish including a piranha fish!

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Under the Ocean

This term, children have been diving under the sea in our yellow submarine! Children used their snorkels and swimming aids to carry out a deep sea adventure to discover the most beautiful sea creatures. Children have been able to illustrate and label what they found!

We have been learning lots about the different creatures that live in our oceans and I’ve been impressed with the knowledge the children have been able to apply to our other learning areas.

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