Sea Creatures

I have been impressed with the way the children have settled into routines in Upper Foundation this term. We have been busy looking at different sea creatures with a particular focus on their patterns and shapes. From this, children were able to use to a range of tools and techniques to create their own patterned fish!

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A Huge Mess

Children this week arrived at school to a huge mess in the family learning room!  Children discovered that Robert the robber had been into school overnight and tried taking away some of our things. The children had to become detectives to solve the subtraction problems Robert the robber had left us. I was really impressed on how the children could use the Year 1 method of putting the biggest number in their head and then counted backwards to answer his questions.

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Studying Fairy Tales

In our recent literacy lessons, children have been studying fairy tales. Following our school trip, children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing! Children have demonstrated that they have been able to write instructions to help keep the three little pigs safe and could retell a traditional tale in their own words using story vocabulary. I was really impressed with the children’s detail during these lessons.

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Bear Hunt Obstacle Course

During our PE lesson, children had to move round an obstacle course! This wasn’t any obstacle course though, children had to battle the elements from our bear hunt story as they went. They had to balance over and under various equipment and were challenged to move in different ways!

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This half term, the children have been learning about different types of bears. We have been looking closely at polar bears this week and children have created some fantastic artwork to show off what they have learnt. They have explored different techniques and used a range of resources to create the texture of their own fluffy, arctic bear!

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Superhero day

On superhero day, children had a surprise visit from our local firefighters. Children learnt lots about how they keep us safe and we even squirted water from the hose! We also did a firefighter dance and had a sneaky peek inside the engine while the lights and sirens were going. It was great fun!

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Super Bat!

This week, in Upper Foundation, children have been using their phonics skills and super hero lights to read secret missions from Super Bat! Children really enjoyed trying to guess what each other’s mission was from the actions they gave.

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Paramedic Duties

This half term, children have jumped into the role of the paramedic in our ambulance role-play area. Children have been rushing to the aid of their patients and carrying some great first aid work!

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Heavier or Lighter!

This week, Mr Jelly and Mr Strong called on the children to help them solve problems involving weight. We had to work out which objects were heavier or lighter by using the weighing scales.

The children did a fantastic job and were able use our key words heavier or lighter to describe the weight of an object. Most children could also tell me how they knew an object was heavier or lighter!

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Christmas Pantomime

This week, the children in our Foundation Stage were lucky enough to watch the pantomime Aladdin! The children really enjoyed the show and loved joining in with the singing and dancing.

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