Heavier or Lighter!

This week, Mr Jelly and Mr Strong called on the children to help them solve problems involving weight. We had to work out which objects were heavier or lighter by using the weighing scales.

The children did a fantastic job and were able use our key words heavier or lighter to describe the weight of an object. Most children could also tell me how they knew an object was heavier or lighter!

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Christmas Pantomime

This week, the children in our Foundation Stage were lucky enough to watch the pantomime Aladdin! The children really enjoyed the show and loved joining in with the singing and dancing.

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Outdoor/Indoor PE

Children in Upper Foundation have really been enjoying both our outdoor and indoor PE sessions. In outdoor PE, children have been getting better at balancing a bean bag on different parts of their body! Some children could even move around the playground whilst doing this!

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Commotion in the Ocean

In relation to our Commotion in the Ocean topic, children have been looking closely at the similarities and differences between the different sea creatures! Children were able to sort these creatures into different groups and we have even created our own under water animal!
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Fishy visit from Tesco

Tesco recently visited Upper Foundation in relation to our ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ topic. Children were able to taste a range of different fish. We learnt lots about the different fish,  where they live and their features. We even held some; they were really smelly!


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